Saturday, 18 September 2010


in june my uncle demanded my signature sponge for his birthday. naturally, i obliged. i seem to remember him requesting no white chocolate so i decided to look into other options.

firstly, i thought about the culinary delights that crème pattissiere is regularly paired with: pastries (particularly my french favourite, mille foile). so if this glorious custard is so favourably teamed up with pastries, what else do the french like with them? almonds with dark chocolate following a close third (let's not forget the ever popular pain au chocolat).

therefore i replaced the strawberry's common arrangement and casually scattered flaked almonds and dark (galaxy) chocolate shavings (techinique achieved by simply using a grater)

the strawberries enjoy a new occupation as a wall wrapping around the cake.

NOTE: whipped cream was applied before decoration to give the sponge a neater aesthetic and to help strawberries and such stick.




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