Saturday, 25 December 2010


i finaaally came a design conclusion for 2010's christmas cake. inspired by some ideas in the following posts: icing ideas parts I and II, i came up with the below.

after my disastrous attempt at creating with fondant icing for the first time, i swore i would never go there again. however, once you know the tips n tricks of the game, it's actually quite easy and simple.

Photobucket  Photobucket


TIP 1: it helps to knead the fondant a few times before rolling it out to get it warmed up.

TIP 2: one problem i have had when rolling out the icing is that it sticks to the work top no matter how much i have dusted it with icing sugar. mother winkwell explained that you have to keep moving the icing every so often to avoid this. it works best to sweep it around in a circular motion so the fondant gathers some more dusting on the way.

TIP 3: i was also advised that the fondant is more pliable that you may think. so tapping the edges along the way helps to keep them as round as possible.

before draping the fondant icing over the cake, make sure to brush brandy over the marzipan as this will ensure a perfect fit.




once applied to the cake, gently smooth off any air bubbles with a tumbler. i may have previously mentioned that if you spot some cracks, they can easily be remedied by brushing over with some water.




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