Wednesday, 1 December 2010


another cheeky lunch break visit to urban outfitters (hey, when it's outside your door) led me to discover something probably fairly pointless and ironic but nevertheless irresistible to the 'oohing' and 'ahhing'.

£7 (available online and in store)

yes, i know, it's 'just' a salt and pepper set and you're right, i probably don't need it. but who chooses what they need over what they want? not me. afterall, this would go perfectly with my tea and coffee set.

also instore and online:
a biscuit stamp - incase they're THAT good and your pals won't believe you.

£10 - bit steep in my opinion (only available online from here)

because even the boring parts should be fun:

cupcake measuring cups - £10 (available in store only)

not sure what i would ever do with these!

trinket boxes £10 (available online and in store)



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