Thursday, 28 April 2011

portobello road dresses up

winkwell cakes' favourites, hummingbird bakery, showed off their shop in portobello road, london today with a cheeky picture.

all dressed up in union jack memorabilia, the little shop looks as ready as ever for the big event tomorrow.

get royally involved with tesco!

to help get into the festive spirit, tesco have some great union jack supplies on sale just in time for the royal wedding. while i wouldn't normally wear the union jack out of choice, especially since i owned a copy of that infamous 'geri' dress (good god) when i was a wee one, i would love to grab myself a cake tin and show it off when i head down to the street party with my baked goods. not going to lie, that could be the only time i use it, unless harry wants to follow in big bro's footsteps and get hitched sometime soon?!

Union Jack Textiles Set - £8.00

Union Work Surface Protector and Cake Tin Set - £12

god love 'em

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

cupcakes fit for a princess

only two days to go until the big day and what better way is there to celebrate than with cake?!

for some reason, i know i'm going to get caught up in the excitement of kate and will's special day, most probably because they have been kind enough to honour us with a 3 day week, but apparently there is some patriotism lying within me!

so, i decided to investigate the royal varieties from some of the top bakeries are offering. check them out below!

hummingbird bakery
Available 25th April to 29th April 2011
£2.95 each (available in-store)


lola's cupcakes
available until 3rd May
£2.50 each (regular size) order here

primrose bakery
available now
£1.85 each (regualar) available in store

cupcake stands from Truly Scrumptious - £10

Sunday, 24 April 2011

tip: clearing the air II

a while back, we let on to a trick to prevent your icing sugar or flour rising up in the air. too many times have i tried my hardest to be as vigilant as possible and yet i still get branded 'mucky pup' by mother winkwell.

i'm hoping that those days are over when i received this little contraption courtesy of dunelm mill - the 'anti splatter lid'. i am that sad to get that excited over these things but if it means a cleaner kitchen, everyone's happy.

while this design is much more resilient than when battling with standard cling film. however, i find the fancy lid could do with some form of fastening to make it more secure when trying to mix ingredients. whilst desperately holding it as tight as possible i noticed some puffs of flour escape here and there.

this would be top notch if the clear base was made of silicone, much like the silicone lids you can buy for tins once they've been opened (see below for example from Lekue). This way, they could fit over a few different sizes of bowls and add ease when using a hand whisk.


colin and his family

my little bro turned 21 a couple of weeks ago and to commemorate the number of caterpillar cakes he has received over the years, he not only asked for two, he asked for a family of caterpillars. a mum, dad and their babies. thank god marks and spencer was one step ahead of him!

to transform a standard colin into a mrs colin, we used the art of the marshmallow flower (see here on how to make) and some juicy red lips. 

a happy 21 year old

happy easter!

happy easter bakers! there's no better way to spend the rest of the bank holiday than with a generous slice of simnel cake.

why not try Nigella's recipe here

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

alexis jordan visits primrose bakery

we've just learnt that popstrel, Alexis Jordan, has a bit of a sweet tooth. here she is snapped in the covent garden branch of the primrose bakery either very early in the morning or in the evening, before a gig perhaps?

all we know is, if starlets like Alexis are indulging, and very happy to do so by the looks of it, then maybe i should get myself down to the primrose bakery more often for a treat!

Friday, 1 April 2011


it came to my attention last week that winkwell cakes, formerly honey buns, formerly cheeky delights (last name change, i swear!) turned 1 on 15th March!

thanks to all of the people who have baked for me over the past year or so, you've helped provide great blog material! xx

 clearly unimpressed

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