Sunday, 24 April 2011

tip: clearing the air II

a while back, we let on to a trick to prevent your icing sugar or flour rising up in the air. too many times have i tried my hardest to be as vigilant as possible and yet i still get branded 'mucky pup' by mother winkwell.

i'm hoping that those days are over when i received this little contraption courtesy of dunelm mill - the 'anti splatter lid'. i am that sad to get that excited over these things but if it means a cleaner kitchen, everyone's happy.

while this design is much more resilient than when battling with standard cling film. however, i find the fancy lid could do with some form of fastening to make it more secure when trying to mix ingredients. whilst desperately holding it as tight as possible i noticed some puffs of flour escape here and there.

this would be top notch if the clear base was made of silicone, much like the silicone lids you can buy for tins once they've been opened (see below for example from Lekue). This way, they could fit over a few different sizes of bowls and add ease when using a hand whisk.



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