Monday, 16 May 2011

baker's delights - the cook's measure


i spotted this nifty measuring alternative about a year ago while i was on a woodland country walk up in the lakes. about half way through, after missioning it up 90% vertical hills and waterfalls, mother and i stumbled some sort of bakers' heaven - a kitchen shop complete with tea rooms (this is a true story by the way). i'm a loser who loves any type of pointless utensil such as pastel silicone spatulas or partitioned brightly coloured lunch boxes (seriously) so when i saw this retro-esque cooks measure, i may have let out a squeal or too. mother was also gushing as this particular tool reminded her of one she used to own back in the day (that's way, way back).

used only for dry ingredients, such as desiccated coconut, sugar, rice and flour, this cook's measure serves as a handy companion when you can't be bothered to dig out the scales from the back of the cupboard (guilty). however, it's not really practical if you're planning to use large quantities but if you're a sucker for aesthtics, this is for you!

tala's cook's measure available at lakeland for £7.99


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