Saturday, 21 May 2011

the du-can have cookies loophole

much to the disapproval of a few, i started the dukan diet this week. there has been much controversy around the 4-stage diet recently questioning whether it really works. as a girl who wants to lose a handful of "LBs" in time for the summer, i wanted to see for myself especially as it allows me to continue with my morning coffee ritual and promises pancakes (sort of).

i won't bore you with the ins and outs but the diet is split into 4 phases, attack, cruise, consolidation and stabilisation, which you are granted a certain amount of oat bran in all phases. after completing my 3-day attack, i was allowed to increase my daily oat bran intake of 1.5 table spoons to 2! score!

looking to be creative with my limited options, i decided to search around for a recipe that included oat bran. after scouring the internet, i found the below recipe here.

Oat Bran Cookies

- 1 tsp baking powder
- 3 tbsp oat bran (i only used 2)
- 1 egg
- 2-3 tbsp non fat yoghurt
- 1 tabsp sweetener

- pre heat the oven at 180 degrees
- mix all of the ingredients together into a smooth and thick consistency
- pour into the baking tray
- bake for about 15 minutes (more if you want crunchy biscuits)

NB/ in a normal cupcake baking tray, my mixture made 4 mini cakes.

i will say, dukaners, do purchase yourself some proper sweetener when using this receipe. i wouldn't suggest you use a few canderel pills out of sheer desperation in the hope that they'll dissolve properly into the mixture...that would just be stupid....

TIP: if you have some sort of grinder (such as one you'd use for coffee) a tip would be to use this to grind the oat bran down to a flour consistency so the texture is more light and fluffy.


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