Monday, 9 May 2011

royal wedding cake!

for those of you who are experiencing the royal weddings blues one week on, see the duke and duchess of cornwall's wedding cake below! amazing!!!

winkwell cakes can reveal that the cake was in fact assembled in Buckingham Palace itself 2 days before the wedding. The 8-tiered fruit cake, decorated with 900 sugar flowers, took 5 weeks to make.

"I could not believe I finished it in time but we were all really pleased with it. I worked at the palace for two days before the wedding, setting it up with my team.

‘The hardest part was transporting the cakes from Leicestershire to the palace - we were worried they would get damaged - then we had to assemble them."

on discussing the design, Ms Cairns said, "The picture gallery has high ceilings and is an imposing room so I wanted the cake to have presence but not to be imposing and I think it worked.

‘Catherine did not want it to be seven feet tall, she didn't want it to be towering and thin, and I think we succeeded.

‘We reflected some of the architectural details in the room so the garlands on the walls were reproduced loosely on the fourth tier - we've used roses, acorns, ivy leaves, apple blossom and bridal rose.’"

the second cake, below, was requested by Prince William and baked by McVities. The chocolaty 3-tiered sponge was created with biscuits, taken from a secret Royal family recipe.

to see more about the intricate details and the design of the wedding cake of the year, check out the interview with Fiona Cairns below.

(source: Daily Mail)


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