Sunday, 26 June 2011

honey & almond cake

Another sweet treat we baked for this year's Father's Day was a rich honey and almond cake. Made with muscovado sugar, this dense cake resembles a sticky toffee pudding; heavy and almost perfectly gooey.

The sponge includes dollops of honey and is topped off with flaked almonds. To make the mixture, you need to start with the butter and honey heated in a pan before adding the sifted flour. However, we still had a problem with lumps of flour and it may be best to use a whisk when folding this into the rest of the batter instead of a wooden spoon. Also, make sure it's not too hot when you come to combine the egg as you don't want them to cook until in the oven.

(Also, we used dark muscovado when told to use light!)


potten end provides perfect puddings

Today we travelled to the Potten End Open Day to check out the stalls and take advantage of the Sunday sun. What we didn't expect was all of the amazing cakes on show. It was great to see some other people's ideas and get a fresh perspective on various designs!

something i would definitely call a flumpsickle! from what i can tell, it's marshmallow dipped it dark chocolate and sprinkles. we might give this one a go!

ahh the butter ice-cream cakes. another original idea where the cake is place inside the stand alone ice cream cone and topped with butter icing to resemble a flake '99 whippy!

this one was my favourite - i love anything with marshmallow decor!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

It's the first time I've tried to bake these and although I thought they turned out fairly well, there were a few quizzical looks coming from camp Winkwell.

This particular recipe is a basic vanilla sponge with chopped fresh strawberries buried at the bottom of the cupcake case. These go gooey when cooked and help moisten the sponge to help resemble a cheesecake.

The frosting is a cream cheese base with digestive biscuit crumbs sprinkled on top.

The only problem I have with this recipe is that it is impossible to indulge without a fork or a plate due to the strawberry stew at the bottom!


The recipe can be found here

Hurry! - Free Cupcakes from MAC (Covent Garden)

If you're like me and you love MAC make up as well as a slice of red velvet cake then your Friday just got even better!

We can exclusively reveal that MAC's Covent Garden store (only) are offering up a FREE Red Velvet Cupcake if you buy any of the Viva Glam lipsticks (Lady Gaga's pink shade is my personal favourite). So, if you're anywhere near the Covent Garden branch (London) today and fancy grabbing yourself two treats for the price of one, get there quick as they're on a first come, first served basis!!

(unfamiliar with Red Velvet Cake? check out one of our past posts here)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

tried & tested - the photo cookbook

If you saw our previous post, you would know that i recently spent £2.99 on a baking app for the iPhone on a whim. I have to say, I'm definitely not regretting it.

We decided to try out a couple of the recipes to take to the Father's Day Family BBQ at the weekend. Below is what went on in the kitchen while making the Apple Streusel Slices.

although the recipe states to use 2 eating apples, we included 3 1/2 and felt that this still wasn't enough.

 using an electric mixer/chopper such as this one by Marco Pierre White is a great way to finely chop flaked almonds

 don't take the bake out of the tray until it's cooled for about 20 minutes. you may end up with some breakage like we did...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Tea Time with Adele

Adele talks about her favourite culinary delights, her love of baking and who's the biggest fan of her cakes.

(source: video uploaded by alina10c)

english sandwiches...?

Generally speaking, we are a cake blog but from time to time loosely affiliated subjects tend to tickle us and after discovering Tesco's latest venture, we couldn't resist. Cue their strawberries and cream sandwich.Could this be a patriotic haze that has clouded their market research in light of the Royal Wedding? Or actually a brilliant idea? To say the least, we're feeling a little curious.

Has anyone tried these? If so, let us know what you thought of them! x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

the photo cookbook

today, while waiting in the apple store for my phone to be replaced, i was browsing the ipad and stumbled across the most amazing app. It's called Photo Cookbook - Baking. Apologies if I'm ridiculously behind the times here!

the app itself is, quite literally, beautiful. some may say i'm getting a little too excited about this but as a baker, i like to know if i'm following the instructions properly and if my mixture should be 'that runny' or 'that colour'. That's where the Photo Cookbook helps. Accompanying each step of the method is a clear picture of how it should be done. As more of a kinesthetic learner, I have such a short attention span when it comes to reading instructions (and have had a few baking slip ups on the way) so have visuals, and pretty ones at that, is definitely a big help!

Split into four categories, Cakes & Traybakes, Pastries, Small Cakes & Cookies and Breads, complete with  images that you can scroll through, the app is easy to navigate. Once you have selected your chosen treat, the first image to appear is all of the ingredients laid out neatly on a table. Each ingredient can then be tapped to view a description and even a rating of its culinary significance.

You do have to pay for it but with well over 40 mouth watering recipes, it's easy to get sucked in there and then. No word of a lie, I whipped out my phone and purchased the app in the store!

Photo Cookbook - Baking is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for £2.99.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

the saturdays' blooming great tea party

Popstrels, The Saturdays, pose with culinary delights to raise awareness for The Blooming Great Tea Party for Marie Curie Cancer Care. The official tea party season began on Sunday and runs until 12th July. You can sign up to host your own tea party here.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

an idiot's guide to cake pops

i first mentioned the new baking phenomena a while back (Cake Pops & SPOTTED: S & Bakerella) and after a miserable attempt a few weeks ago i wondered if i had the patience to bother with such fiddly lollipops.

HOWEVER, it turns out that once you know a couple of secret tricks, there's no way to get these wrong. i tested a couple of tips i picked up scouring the webs and found that these are a) foolproof and b) common sense (something which i lack, unfortunately).

so, to avoid said mess/disaster/disappointment/devastation:

and achieving something a little neater/easier/aesthetically pleasing:

so why were the original cake pops a sheer disaster? because i was lazy and didn't look up how to do it properly in the first place of a number of reasons. let's have a look at a quick step-by-step guide that even us with an attention span of a goldfish are going to take time to read...

1. make sure you've mixed enough butter cream with the cake. more buttercream will help the mixture stick together better when rolling into the ball or a square.

2. melt some of the chocolate you'll be using for the dipping the cake pop into.

3. dip the stick into the chocolate before into the cake pop.

4. freeze cake pops. freezing holds them together, preventing them from falling apart! and because the chocolate cooled and sealed the cake to the stick, the cake also won't slide off the stick when trying to dip it in the chocolate

5. keep turning the stick to get rid of any excess chocolate

6. freezing also means the chocolate will harden quicker making it less likely to drip so dip it into sprinkles asap

7. place in the oasis for it to set

by the way, i've used dry oasis to hold the cake pops as this will hold the weight of them well. i wouldn't try using a cardboard box because you can't find anything else in the house to use. you'll be even more diasppointed...

our first wedding cake...

...and in true winkwell fashion, we went for something completely unconventional and made it pretty tricky for ourselves (LOVE a challenge). when i was told that the theme of the wedding was mad hatter meets willy wonker, the first thing that popped into my head was a topsy turvy cake. this is something i've been seeing a lot of lately and been itching for an excuse to bake one. 'how to' post coming soon!

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