Sunday, 26 June 2011

honey & almond cake

Another sweet treat we baked for this year's Father's Day was a rich honey and almond cake. Made with muscovado sugar, this dense cake resembles a sticky toffee pudding; heavy and almost perfectly gooey.

The sponge includes dollops of honey and is topped off with flaked almonds. To make the mixture, you need to start with the butter and honey heated in a pan before adding the sifted flour. However, we still had a problem with lumps of flour and it may be best to use a whisk when folding this into the rest of the batter instead of a wooden spoon. Also, make sure it's not too hot when you come to combine the egg as you don't want them to cook until in the oven.

(Also, we used dark muscovado when told to use light!)



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