Thursday, 16 June 2011

the photo cookbook

today, while waiting in the apple store for my phone to be replaced, i was browsing the ipad and stumbled across the most amazing app. It's called Photo Cookbook - Baking. Apologies if I'm ridiculously behind the times here!

the app itself is, quite literally, beautiful. some may say i'm getting a little too excited about this but as a baker, i like to know if i'm following the instructions properly and if my mixture should be 'that runny' or 'that colour'. That's where the Photo Cookbook helps. Accompanying each step of the method is a clear picture of how it should be done. As more of a kinesthetic learner, I have such a short attention span when it comes to reading instructions (and have had a few baking slip ups on the way) so have visuals, and pretty ones at that, is definitely a big help!

Split into four categories, Cakes & Traybakes, Pastries, Small Cakes & Cookies and Breads, complete with  images that you can scroll through, the app is easy to navigate. Once you have selected your chosen treat, the first image to appear is all of the ingredients laid out neatly on a table. Each ingredient can then be tapped to view a description and even a rating of its culinary significance.

You do have to pay for it but with well over 40 mouth watering recipes, it's easy to get sucked in there and then. No word of a lie, I whipped out my phone and purchased the app in the store!

Photo Cookbook - Baking is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for £2.99.


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