Thursday, 23 June 2011

tried & tested - the photo cookbook

If you saw our previous post, you would know that i recently spent £2.99 on a baking app for the iPhone on a whim. I have to say, I'm definitely not regretting it.

We decided to try out a couple of the recipes to take to the Father's Day Family BBQ at the weekend. Below is what went on in the kitchen while making the Apple Streusel Slices.

although the recipe states to use 2 eating apples, we included 3 1/2 and felt that this still wasn't enough.

 using an electric mixer/chopper such as this one by Marco Pierre White is a great way to finely chop flaked almonds

 don't take the bake out of the tray until it's cooled for about 20 minutes. you may end up with some breakage like we did...


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