Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lauren Conrad Wants To Bake

From The Inquisitr:

Former The Hills star Lauren Conrad left the show that made her famous to become a respected fashion designer and bestselling novelist and now rumor has it that she’ll be adding “bakery owner” to her list of hidden talents.

Apparently Conrad loves to bake everything from cookies to cakes and various other sugary snacks and now she’s thinking it would be a great time to add a posh bakery with an emphasis on specialty gourmet cupcakes to the mix of businesses she currently owns.

Hollywood snitch Janet Charlton writes of the endeavor:

“…She’s looking at locations in the West Hollywood area where she can open a bakery of her own.”

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Host a Strawberry Tea Party!

Seems as though Marie Curie Cancer Care aren't the only ones getting involved with baking and hosting tea parties this summer. Big names including actress Julie Walters and retailers John Lewis and Dorothy Perkins are all encouraging others to host a tea party in return for a donation. This can even be as small as a tea break at work.

You can read more and sign up to host a tea party here and tips on how to raise more at your tea party are below...

How to raise more from your Strawberry Tea

  • charge for cake – people are always happy to pay for a slice or two
  • sell tickets – or charge an entry fee at the door or garden gate
  • run a raffle – ask guests or local businesses to donate prizes
  • play the game – use the game or quiz in your guide to ask for extra donations.  You can also download more copies now
  • guess the weight of the cake – this classic game is always popular, with the winner taking the cake home
  • boss’s tea round – ask your boss to be on tea making duty for the day, with donations given for each cup
  • sponsored strawberry – ask someone to dress up and get sponsored for a day of looking sweet, but silly
  • market stall – a craft, cake or plant stall can be held almost anywhere
  • sell Breast Cancer Care pin badges – order a box now by clicking on the order materials button.
Recipes for your tea party are available here.


The Royal Couple Cut The Cake

For those of you STILL swooning over the Royal Wedding (ahem) then you're probably just as eager as I am to buy my £17.50 ticket to see the exhibition at Buckingham Palace this Summer (yes, I'm willing to pay that much to see that dress). More than 650,000 people are expected to flock to Queenie's digs for a glimpse of items from the big day including the wedding cake!! Although the top three tiers are replicas of the original, you'll be able to see where the Duke & Dutchess of Cambridge first cut the cake at the bottom.

The exhibition is on now until 3rd October at Buckingham Palace.

popping the question

For a friend's birthday I wanted to experiement with popping candy. I've heard of chef's using popping candy in some of their recipes including Heston Blumenthal's tingling chocolate cake and Gizzi Erskine's fizzy lemon and cola pie. Having never incorporated popping candy in my baking before, I decided to give it a go as decor - I simply did not have time for 18 cupcakes to go wrong before our road trip up to Leicester. However, without having done my research (again!) they didn't exactly go 'right' either.

Sprinkling the popping candy on top of some blue cupcakes like sugar crystals seemed like the perfect option and they did indeed look fab...until I went to remove them from the fridge an hour later. The candy had started to melt. Great. Combine that with a warm car for an hour and a half up to my friend's house means they melted even more. Fantastic. The icing resembled golden goo haphazardly plonked on delicate blue butter cream. What really annoyed me however is by the time we came to eat them they DIDN'T EVEN POP.

So how come when these chefs BAKE their popping candy into their mixtures they have success? I'm not entirely sure but it seems that more candy is used if combing with the sponge. We'll have another stab at it and let you know!

Candy used was by Bon Bon Buddies which is currently 4 for £1 at Tesco.

A x

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

another royal wedding means...

another enormous cake! for those of you who missed the pics of Prince Albert of Monaco's wedding to his runaway bride, Princess Charlene, then you won't be disappointed when you see the size of this cake. It was so huge that they used a smaller cake, which sat by its side, to use for the 'cutting-the-cake' pictures!

Is this the world's biggest wedding cake? Prince Albert and Princess Charlene cut their wedding cake at the Gala Dinner
Source: Daily Mail

perez goes gaga

check out this (literally) gaga cake that just appeared on Perez Hilton's site. Not sure who it's by or who it's for but this must have taken aaaaages to create!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

emma "stone baked"?

We've just heard that Hollywood favourite, Emma Stone wants to fulfill a life long passion of becoming a professional baker?! Apparently, the 'Easy A' actress wants to intern at a New York cake shop to help achieve this dream.

According to her Spiderman co-star, Andrew Garfield, "The thing that sums her up for me is she wants to be a baker. She's serious about it", he tells Vanity Fair.

If this is true, we want to join you, Emma!

Monday, 4 July 2011

cheryl cuts the cake

Cheryl Cole seems to be embracing change at the moment and to celebrate becoming another year wiser she threw a star studded bash over the weekend with the most elaborate cake we've ever seen.

Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am presented the popstrel with more than just your average birthday cake which was crafted to resemble a cluster of presents. Although the picture isn't great (iPhone..?), we can certainly get the gist and we reckon it gives Chezza one up on Nicole Scherzinger's Birthday cakes from last week!

Friday, 1 July 2011

bruno mars gets creative with cake

We've heard on the cake-vine today that while Bruno Mars was at the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity Ball after party at Movida on Wednesday night, he celebrated his manager's Birthday by presenting him with a 'Bruno Mars Mars Bar' cake - wonder how it tasted!

lauren conrad's friday favourites

Our favourite Hills star, Lauren Conrad, blogged today's Friday favourites and we have to say we definitely agree!

"Favourite tip for 'Keeping Calm'":

Friday Favorites

"Favorite Craving (Yum—carrot cake! And I love pretty cake stand, too.):"
Friday Favorites

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