Sunday, 21 August 2011

First Look: Kim Kardashian's Wedding Cake

Yesterday afternoon, Kim Kardashian tied the knot with basket ball pro fiancee, Kris Humphries, in front of an A List audience. 

Judging on the first photos published today, Kimmie clearly doesn't do things by halves at what's dubbed to be the event of the summer. Even the black and white cake is something to shout about. Enough for 440 guests, the grand wedding cake was placed right at the entrance of the huge marquee. 

Competing with Wills & Kate's design from earlier this year, the ten tier (!) cake included black layers to match the wedding's monochrome theme. Check out the first picture below!

The cake bill from Hansen's Cakes is reportedly $6,000!!

Source: Mail Online

LOLA's Chocolate Sundae

Central London bakery, LOLA's Kitchen launched their new flavour Chocolate Sundae a couple of weeks ago. A fudgy chocolate brownie cupcake topped with a scoop of vanilla pod buttercream; finished with chocolate sauce, chopped nuts and topped with a glacé cherry. 

Hurry, there's only a week left to enjoy this american style flavour! Order online here.

Hilary Duff Craves Cake

well, not quite, but rice krispy squares! I used to love these in my lunch box (cheers mum) and at the parties.

“[N]ow I can finally talk about my cravings!today it was [Rice Krispie] treats! trying really hard to give them ALL away!!!”

Hil tweeted with a photo of a big plate of (garnished?) sweet treats:

Ella Valentine's Eggs for Baking

Yes, eggs purely for girly purposes - baking. During their latest campaign, Ella Valentine are promoting their eggs as those for 'fashionable girls' only, through a series of print ads across the femail weekly glossies.

With the resurgence of baking, and a the kitchen, the launch of Ella Valentine who count baking as one of their passions, these packs of six large free-range eggs, with their style-conscious packaging, are set to help create cakes that look like they’ve come direct from the fashionable bakeries of London and New York.

Look out for the pink box of eggs at your local super market and at an introductory price of £1.29!

Check out Ella Valentine's website for endless styles and trends perfect for Birthdays and other social events.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Krispy Kreme's Summer Collection

Firstly, I knew about a couple of these new limited addition flavours a few weeks back but failed to realise that they were a part of Krispy Kreme's Summer Collection (I'm ashamed of my lack of cake knowledge!).

Although what's left of summer is almost over, at least these three mouth watering flavours are going to be available until 11th September so there's still enough time to get your mitts on them! The limited edition collection consists of Coconut Ice, Creme Brulee and Mango & Passionfruit Cheesecake (I've tried and tested Coconut Ice and it was very scrumptious indeed!).

Krispy Kreme’s Summer Collection will be available in all Krispy Kreme UK stores and cabinets from 2nd May until 11th September, priced at £1.55 each or available in a Dozen of your Favourites for £9.95. 

More about the collection from Krispy Kreme below:
First out of the shade is the brand new luxurious Crème Brulee dessert doughnut (329 cals per doughnut). A gorgeously glossy caramel glaze with a sprinkle of caramel crunch, filled with sticky caramel and a melt in your mouth creamy custard, with real vanilla pod seeds.

The second summer delicacy, sure to transport you into a tropical heaven, is the Coconut Ice doughnut (331 cals per doughnut). Filled with smooth coconut cream and topped with a raspberry infused glaze and a sprinkling of delicate grated coconut.

Finally, the fruity Mango & Passionfruit Cheesecake (364 cals per doughnut). A cream cheese filled doughnut, topped with a mango glaze and a drizzle of passionfruit glaze, all finished off with a generous sprinkle of crunchy biscuit.

Come rain or shine, The Krispy Kreme UK Summer Collection provides an irresistibly delicious doughnut to suit every sunny get together or brighten up your day.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dunelm's Cupcake Decoration Creations

Remember the Giant Cupcake tin? Although we loved having a huge cupcake for Birthdays, we found it difficult to remove it from the tin. Now, Dunelm offers a silicone version which promises to be the 'perfect baking accessory'. Made from flexible, non-stick silicone, the big top cupcake allows you to make extra big cupcakes in two different sections. By using the 2 separate moulds, you can mix and match different flavours to make one super tasty, unique cupcake. It also comes with an easy-fill insert to add cream, fruit, ice-cream to fill your cake (not sure how it works but I'll go with it). Priced at £19.99, it's also cheaper than the original tin which retails at around £30-£35.

More from Dunelm Mill's Cupcakes Collection....

Door Stop £9.99 (I need this!)            Mug With Lid £4.99  

Set of 3 Square Tins £8.99                      Cake Stand £6.99

         Wall Plaque £4.99                         Double Oven Glove £4.49

See the full collection here!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Kate Moss' Vogue Wedding Cake

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with friends about the 'Kate Moss Wedding' and the photos that have been published by Vogue online this week. Both of them replied with 'Kate Moss got married?!' - it's hard to believe but not everyone is sitting on the edge of their work chair waiting for that first picture of Kate Moss in her wedding dress to pop up online on the day of her wedding (definitely didn't do that...).

Anyway, while flicking through the gorgeous photos of the super model's highly anticipated 'big day', taken by Mario Testino, I stumbled across the cake (for some reason I wasn't expecting to see one?!)

The six tiered beauty, not too dissimilar from Wills and Kate's earlier this year, was designed by Peggy Porschen.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Best Colour for Your RVC

Red Food Colour
BAD NEWS for Red Velvet Cake bakers: Culinary giants at Dr Oetker have discontinued both their artificial red and cochineal colourings. Those who have relied on the brand's food colouring for obtaining the bright red sponge will have to search elsewhere. The colours were taken off the shelves back in March (obviously taken me a while to realise this!) due to EU food regulations that discourage the use of artificial colourings and unfortunately, for us bakers, what is compromised in ingredient is compromised in colour.

However, there is a glimmer of hope. I tried baking some RVCCs last week and did actually manage to create a blazing red using Silver Spoon's red food colouring. I also have a tub of Sugar Flair's Sugar Paste Colouring in the cupboard (in Pink) so use a couple of drops of this just to make sure the colour would be bright enough. Hurrah! I did also use about 10-15ml more of the Silver Spoon colouring (I've had the 'muddy' disaster before and was determined not to go back!).

Kim Kardashian Goes Cake Shopping

Kim Kardashian seems to be well into her wedding preparations as she was spotted out in West Hollywood this weekend shopping for...cake! Joined by sister, Khloe and mum, Kris, Kimmy K was seen taste testing some samples of gourmet cupcakes...

Images via CelebBuzz

Monday, 1 August 2011

A Press Birthday

Birthday's in the Atlantic office always involve lots of cake (or breakfast pastries). To coincide with three Birthdays (all press ladies) I baked some classic RVCs. We also had cake courtesy of Whole Foods Kensington.

Classic Cupcakes from Waitrose


i can't remember all of the flavours but the green one conveniently tasted of lime...

Polka Dot Cupcake Courier Ideas From Sainsburys

Spotted these cute cupcake decorative outer wear in Sainsbury's today. We pretty much bought the whole collection...including the napkins!

Cupcake Box - 2 pack for 4 cupcakes

Cupcake Wrappers pack of 10.

and additional decorations - should you choose to go slightly over the top now that summer has returned!

and of course, everyone needs a napkin.

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