Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Best Colour for Your RVC

Red Food Colour
BAD NEWS for Red Velvet Cake bakers: Culinary giants at Dr Oetker have discontinued both their artificial red and cochineal colourings. Those who have relied on the brand's food colouring for obtaining the bright red sponge will have to search elsewhere. The colours were taken off the shelves back in March (obviously taken me a while to realise this!) due to EU food regulations that discourage the use of artificial colourings and unfortunately, for us bakers, what is compromised in ingredient is compromised in colour.

However, there is a glimmer of hope. I tried baking some RVCCs last week and did actually manage to create a blazing red using Silver Spoon's red food colouring. I also have a tub of Sugar Flair's Sugar Paste Colouring in the cupboard (in Pink) so use a couple of drops of this just to make sure the colour would be bright enough. Hurrah! I did also use about 10-15ml more of the Silver Spoon colouring (I've had the 'muddy' disaster before and was determined not to go back!).


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