Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dunelm's Cupcake Decoration Creations

Remember the Giant Cupcake tin? Although we loved having a huge cupcake for Birthdays, we found it difficult to remove it from the tin. Now, Dunelm offers a silicone version which promises to be the 'perfect baking accessory'. Made from flexible, non-stick silicone, the big top cupcake allows you to make extra big cupcakes in two different sections. By using the 2 separate moulds, you can mix and match different flavours to make one super tasty, unique cupcake. It also comes with an easy-fill insert to add cream, fruit, ice-cream to fill your cake (not sure how it works but I'll go with it). Priced at £19.99, it's also cheaper than the original tin which retails at around £30-£35.

More from Dunelm Mill's Cupcakes Collection....

Door Stop £9.99 (I need this!)            Mug With Lid £4.99  

Set of 3 Square Tins £8.99                      Cake Stand £6.99

         Wall Plaque £4.99                         Double Oven Glove £4.49

See the full collection here!


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