Sunday, 21 August 2011

Ella Valentine's Eggs for Baking

Yes, eggs purely for girly purposes - baking. During their latest campaign, Ella Valentine are promoting their eggs as those for 'fashionable girls' only, through a series of print ads across the femail weekly glossies.

With the resurgence of baking, and a the kitchen, the launch of Ella Valentine who count baking as one of their passions, these packs of six large free-range eggs, with their style-conscious packaging, are set to help create cakes that look like they’ve come direct from the fashionable bakeries of London and New York.

Look out for the pink box of eggs at your local super market and at an introductory price of £1.29!

Check out Ella Valentine's website for endless styles and trends perfect for Birthdays and other social events.


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