Friday, 12 August 2011

Kate Moss' Vogue Wedding Cake

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with friends about the 'Kate Moss Wedding' and the photos that have been published by Vogue online this week. Both of them replied with 'Kate Moss got married?!' - it's hard to believe but not everyone is sitting on the edge of their work chair waiting for that first picture of Kate Moss in her wedding dress to pop up online on the day of her wedding (definitely didn't do that...).

Anyway, while flicking through the gorgeous photos of the super model's highly anticipated 'big day', taken by Mario Testino, I stumbled across the cake (for some reason I wasn't expecting to see one?!)

The six tiered beauty, not too dissimilar from Wills and Kate's earlier this year, was designed by Peggy Porschen.



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