Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mary Berry's Tarte Au Citron

We ruddy loved the Great British Bake Off Masterclass shows, probably more so than the Bake Off itself.

You can get the recipe from BBC here although I decided to follow Mary Berry's video clip by clip and noticed it differed to the online recipe slightly. Determined for my tarte to turn out as perfect as possible, I followed the video!

My pastry did collapse crack and break off when allowing it to hang over the edges of the tin so I would suggest putting a baking tray underneath the pan to avoid scrubbing the oven. It will also help is you put the pastry in the fridge to chill before lifting up the sides.

Breaking Dawn Cupcakes Exclusive

We've managed to get our mits on pictures of these Breaking Dawn Soundtrack cupcakes made especially by LOLA's Kitchen. yum!

Dr Oetker's Very Lazy Icing

VERY lazy but to be honest, I'd probably buy myself a bottle of Dr Oetker's new Easy Swirl Cupcake Icing, it clearly doesn't take much to sway me.
Available in Vanilla or Chocolate flavour, not only is this buttercream icing ready to decorate, the top of the bottle is equipped with a ribbon effect piping nozzle (just in case you couldn't be bothered to transfer the frosting into a piping bag).

As a serial baker, it would be more economical and cheaper to use an icing bag and your own choice of nozzles. However, as part of a one-off baking sesh, this product could be very convenient - we all know how much of a nuisance it is to clean a piping bag and nozzle full of excess frosting. At priced just £3.49 per bottle, it's definitely worth it if you're short on time.

Decorates 10 cupcakes. RRP £3.49 available in supermarkets or online here

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Your Christmas Cake Made Easy

Last year, we were so excited to learn that Delia Smith had teamed up with Waitrose to bring us lazy bakers a cheat guide to your Christmas cake (see: Oh Christmas Cake). This year, we've noticed that Delia's changed up her christmas cake package slightly and opted for a compact box. I'm guessing this might have something to do with Mary Berry's brand new Christmas cake mix from Tesco (gasp!). Not only does Mary Berry's mix look almost exactly the same as Delia's last year, she's also offering up the icing sugar, marzipan and apricot jam - all for £10 - the same price as Delia's.

To rub more salt into Waitrose's wounds, Mary Berry and Tesco have gone one step further and released a 'Spiced Fruit' cupcake mix with brandy butter frosting all for £5.

While Waitrose are currently airing a festive TV ad with Heston and Delia showcasing their christmas culinary delights, Tesco have released and in depth 'How To' video with step by step instructions hosted by Mary Berry herself.

Celebs Channel Katy Perry for Children In Need

Stars such as TOWIE's Lydia Bright, Alesha Dixon and Jo Wiley have all entered a fantasy world filled with giant cupcakes and doughnuts a la Katy Perry's 'Calirfornia Girls' as part of this year's campaign for Children In Need.

The campaign, which sees the celebs swinging on giant candy canes and scoffing gingerbread men, is to help encourage people to bake treats to raise money for this year's appeal.

A hole lot of fun: Lydia Bright parks her backside inside a doughnut in her shoot for Children In Need's Land Of Cake Belief campaign
Lydia Rose Bright poses on a doughnut

Highs and lows: Alesha Dixon plays on a swing while Elen Rivas ascends a mini ladder in their fantasy shoots Highs and lows: Alesha Dixon plays on a swing while Elen Rivas ascends a mini ladder in their fantasy shoots
Alesha Dixon and Elen Rivas

Taking a bite: Jo Whiley goes for Pudsey's head in her shot
Jo Whiley tucks into a Pugsey cookie

Source: MailOnline

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